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Fig Vinegar (wholesale available)

Fig Vinegar (wholesale available)
Fig Vinegar (wholesale available)
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Fig Vinegar

You can now find fig vinegar product from, where you can find all forms of figs. We can say that fig vinegar, which is created by drying the fig fruit by passing it through certain processes, is indispensable for human health with its many benefits. Although fig vinegar is not a known type of vinegar, its use is increasing. Thanks to the vitamins, minerals and most importantly, the antioxidants it contains, fig vinegar, which is a natural antibiotic, can be consumed safely. Regular consumption of Fig Vinegar really strengthens the body immune system. Researches show that fig vinegar not only strengthens the immune system, but also reduces the healing process of diseases. In winter, when the body is lowered and the diseases are strongest, fig vinegar can be a savior. You can place your order and take advantage of our products by entering immediately.

Natural Antibiotic Fig Vinegar

As Sare İncir, we prepare and pack our products in fully sterilized environments. We have received many positive feedbacks so far, always prioritizing the health of our customers. We direct and offer our production in line with the demands of our customers. If you want to try and benefit from our products, you can place your order on our website. You can also ask the questions you want to ask on our communication lines. You can use our fig vinegar product in your salads at home or you can consume it every morning by adding a teaspoon to a glass of water. It is very useful and useful to get rid of inflammation in the mouth. With these benefits;

It delays aging,

It speeds up the treatment of wounds,

It can be used for stomach ailments,

Strengthens the Bones.

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