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Fig Molasses (wholesale available)

Fig Molasses (wholesale available)
Fig Molasses (wholesale available)
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Fig Molasses

It is possible to convert this fruit, which is a source of healing, into various flavors with different methods. Figs can be consumed fresh and wet, or dried. One of the biggest reasons for drying is that it is easy to carry and remains fresh. Of course, it is not limited to this, but also the molasses of figs is made. You can safely place this table, which is very delicious and useful, in your meals. You can order immediately with Sare İncir quality. One of the most prominent features of fig molasses is its cell regeneration feature, so this feature can safely be consumed in cases of injury. Since it supports the immune system, it also significantly reduces your risk of developing diseases. The consumption of figs is especially important for children and young people of growing age. It is considered a healthier snack as it supports body development. If you want to consume both natural and healthy molasses in your breakfast tables, you should definitely try fig molasses.

Healthy and Natural

As Sare İncir, we bring our products together with our customers with approximately 20 years of experience. If you want to have our products, you can order immediately. Thanks to our communication lines, you can ask us questions and get information. We transport our fig molasses, which we produce with traditional methods, to all corners of the country and enable our customers to benefit. Thanks to our payment options at the door, you can both enjoy online shopping and benefit from our reliable service. During the production phase of our products, we pay attention to all hygiene rules and we also package them in the most appropriate way. If you want to order, you can go to and place an order.

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