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Fig Seed Oil 3 pcs SET

 Fig Seed Oil 3 pcs SET
 Fig Seed Oil 3 pcs SET
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 Fig Seed Oil 3 pcs SET
 Fig Seed Oil 3 pcs SET
Fig Seed Oil 3 pcs SET
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Fig Seed Oil Features and Benefits


Strengthens Body Immunity with the effect of vitamin values ​​and Omega oils.

• Fig seed oil plays a very important role in regeneration of body cells. It protects the body's resistance against free radicals and provides energy.

• An almost natural botox for lips. It prevents dry mouth and water loss, prevents cracking in the body.

• Women who regularly use fig seed oil prevent sagging and wrinkles on the body.

• After regular use, it corrects post-pregnancy cracks.

• Since fig seed oil contains a high amount of vitamin E, it enables the renewal of skin cells.

• Provides a healthy and vibrant skin by keeping the skin moist.

• It tightens the skin and prevents premature aging.

• It is effective against wrinkles, blackheads and acne on the face.

• Protects against cuts, wounds and skin damage.

• It corrects the skin bruising, yellowing and color, especially the dark circles under the eyes are minimized.

• It prevents the formation of acne by accelerating the healing process of all acne, acne and herpes on the face, back and neck.

• It is the only fruit seed oil with the highest vitamin E value in the world.

• When used for the hair, fig seed oil nourishes the scalp, gives shine, saturation and easy style to the hair.

• Regular consumption of fig and fig seed oil is effective for skin and hair health.

• Figs are a rich source for lowering high blood pressure.

• Thin the blood. It prevents the deterioration of heart rhythm. Antidepressant

• It is antidepressive. It is effective in relieving neurological pain.

• Calcium, which is among the components of fig seed oil, helps to protect bone health.

• Zero the risk of osteoporosis.

• It is a natural source of potassium to lower the insulin rate.

• Omega is a supportive resource against Alzheimer's disease.

• Provides healthy secretion of reproductive hormones thanks to the vitamins that activate sexual feelings.

• High Omega - 3 fatty acids content nourishes the skin from outside to inside, moisturizes and tightens the skin.

• It is a true source of energy.

• It is effective in regeneration and rapid recovery of deformed cells in patients receiving chemotherapy.

There is not even fig seed oil in fish

• 40% Omega-3

• 30% omega-6

15% Omega-9

• 15% contains other vitamins.

• Compared to fish oils rich in omega-3, it is easier to consume as it is odorless and does not cause stomach pain.

• It has been observed that children who consume a teaspoon of fig seed oil a day have more energetic and smoother skin.

• Like many vegetable oils, fig seed oil is very effective in terms of health and is suitable for drinking the oil.

• Our experts recommend that you consume one teaspoon or 5 drops per day. If you wish, you can mix the oil into the water you drink and drink it.

Storage feature

To optimize the duration of your oil, it is recommended to store it in a dark, cold place at temperatures up to 22 ° C. If the temperature is low, the product may become cloudy or solidify, but the effect disappears at room temperature.

It should be used within 3 months after opening.


Internal use: 5 drops in the morning before breakfast and 5 drops in the evening (before bedtime); used with drinking

External use: It is applied externally by hand massage before going to sleep.

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